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Mark Pi Senior
“I came to America because my cousin said there were opportunities unlike any known in Taiwan or Korea . My dream was to own a restaurant, but after I came to Chicago and saw (chains) with thousands of restaurants under the same name, I believed there were possibilities to make Chinese dining available on a big scale…”


Mark Pi ? He's an actual person ?

Mark Pi was born in Korea to parents hailing from the Shantung Province of Northern China where he received culinary training throughout his youth. He arrived in Chicago with a Master Chef’s diploma and $50 in his pocket. His first job in the U.S. was at Chicago 's Mandarin House Chinese restaurant. Within five months, Mark Pi was able to secure a loan and purchase the restaurant under his own name. Through hard work, determination, and exceptional culinary talent, Mark Pi began to work towards his dream of founding a national restaurant company.

Mark Pi Senior BW

Guinness World Record

"The fastest human noodle maker"

In addition to developing a popular brand of restaurants Mark Pi was trained in the ancient art of Chinese noodle making since the age of nine and is a third degree black belt. He held the Guinness World Record title as the fastest human noodle maker for several consecutive years, breaking the record 6 times since 1981. His last record was set in 1993 on NBC’s afternoon talk show, Vicki, when he stretched out 4,096 strings of Chinese noodles by hand in 41.34 seconds.

Mark Pi Senior Noodle Competition

About Asian Concepts, Inc.

Asian Concepts, Inc. has been an innovator of Asian foods and dining experience since 1984. We are the parent company of the Mark Pi brands, which include Mark Pi's China Gate, Mark Pi's Shanghai Grill, Mark Pi's Wok & Grill, Feast of the Dragon Casual Chinese Dining and Buffet, Mark Pi's Asian Diner, and Mark Pi's Express. In most of our restaurants we still cook each dish individually, giving each item that we prepare that special attention and freshness that our guests have come to expect from Mark Pi’s. We are a company committed to the growth of our concepts within the Asian segment of the food service industry.

Mark Pi Senior Asian Concepts

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Thai Curry Bowl

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Nutty Zen

Delicious peanut sauce with your choice of Chicken, Tofu or Beef over brown rice …

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Singapore Noodle
Singapore Noodle

Stir fry rice noodle with your choice of Chicken, Tofu, Beef or Shrimp with mild curry flavor …

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Dan Dan Noodle

Egg noodle with ground chicken and mild szechuan pepper nutty sauce …

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Thai Curry Bowl
Curry Fried Rice

Curry flavor fried rice with your choice of Chicken, Tofu, Beef or Shrimp. Also available with Brown Rice …

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